Time for the FANTOM-MOON!

2 min readAug 27, 2021



FANTOMMOON(FMF) tokens are designed and developed from the bottom up and are intended to become a constant and stable source of passive income for the token holders. The FANTOM network is rapidly growing and is fast, secure, and economical. 6% of our total token sales get siphoned into eligible holders’ wallets as FANTOM rewards. As a platform, FMF aspires to provide small long-term holders with an opportunity by removing the leverages whales can have.

We’ve compiled the noteworthy aspects of certain tokens that made them immensely profitable and desirable in the first place and have come up with a revolutionary Crypto token that is based on the FTM network!

Token Distribution

10M Total Supply

2% Marketing

2% Development

2% Competitions


40% Liquidity

46% Tokens for LP providers

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6% FANTOM rewards

2% Liquidity generation

2% Maintenance wallet

2% Token buyback & burn

(All rewards are automatically distributed bi-daily)

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Token Details

Contract: 0xef656b9eb5a039e46d3a68a9a8614f1a40b0d77c

Smart contract link: https://ftmscan.com/token/0xef656b9eb5a039e46d3a68a9a8614f1a40b0d77c

Network: FANTOM

Decimal: 18

Fair Launch

Our fair launch was set in motion with a liquidity provider whitelisting form. This allowed the token’s ownership to be truly decentralized. The listing price was half the price of the LP token sale price. Our initial listing commenced at SpookySwap.

Liquidity Locker

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A first of its kind, the FANTOMMOON liquidity locker is the FTM network’s first locker that provides liquidity locking services for projects deployed on the FANTOM Chain. Now FANTOM network tokens can easily and quickly have their liquidity tokens locked to ensure and prove their token’s security via the FMF locker.

Why Choose Us

A portion of our tokens will be used to raise marketing funds and sustainable development funds, there will be no team tokens. Currently, holders holding 10,000 or more FMF tokens are eligible for hourly rewards. This value will lower as the market cap rises.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our TG channel where we’re most active and join our community!









FANTOMMOON is a hyper-deflationary reward token that rewards holders. Simply hold FANTOMMOON and earn FANTOM tokens automatically!